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Crabtree and Evelyn Wicker Basket With Citron, Honey & Corriander Products

The bountiful Mediterranean coast

John Evelyn’s Great Orchard, brimming with hundreds of fruit trees gathered on his European excursions, inspired a voyage of discovery along the Mediterranean coast. In this sun-dappled setting, fragrance wafts from zesty lemon groves to weave in with the aroma of sweet honey and peppery, uplifting coriander. Lovingly nurtured in alfresco herb gardens and bountiful orchards, these purifying ingredients shine in our Citron, Honey & Coriander collection

Included in this beautiful wicker basket is

  • Shower gel  8.5 oz
  • Body lotion  8.5 oz
  • Hand therapy 3.5 oz


                          Great gift!